America is stupid

9cdd515d096442869c0d47fba5d33388We just finished watching American Idol from last week and I am pissed! How dumb is the voting public?
Seriously, it’s just like Simon always says, “it’s a singing competition, not a popularity contest”. Sure, little David is the nicest guy I’ve ever seen on TV and I’m sure all the teeny-boppers love him, but are you going to buy his CD? Okay, I might buy his, but the country girl, nope. Ayesha…nope. David Cook…nope. dreadlocks…maybe. tattoo girl…nope. blonde girl…nope. I can’t even think if there is anyone else.

Michael Johns was the only one up there, in my opinion, who had “star quality”. You felt his songs and he performed. I felt like he really connected well and he seemed the most comfortable on the stage.

Randy called it when he mentioned several times during this around how he didn’t feel the connection. Kind of like the “Shout to the Lord” mishap. Great song, no connection.

Alright, that’s my rant. He was my pick for the whole thing, so I don’t even care anymore.



  1. I dont think Michael Johns should have gone out, i dunno who i would have voted but not him… however i didnt want or think he would win anyway…
    go on david cook!!

  2. I am a David Cook fan, too! He is on my blog this morning! He is amazing, super original, super humble, and I would own his CD now. In fact, I am heading to itunes from here. I did think Michael Johns was right there after David Cook, for me. I am not a musician, but I do purchase music and the Fitzgerald House loves David Cook!

  3. I wasn’t sure about that whole Shout to the Lord thing either…I didn’t know how to feel about it but you said it perfectly – no connection. It was just a little weird – great song with incredible meaning but kind of empty feeling? Do you think Hillsong gets royalties from that?

  4. I want my hair to look like his…it may take time…but I’m working hard.
    And yes…he was the man. He will be missed.
    Pour one out for M-Johns…

  5. It’s bizarre how people don’t want to buy someone’s CD, but they do want them to win. This has happened a couple of times with this show where the loser sells more records than the winner. Fascinating.

  6. Hey Brian,
    I certainly was hoping to be open about my short comings by posting that video, but did not expect that Los would help me do that by letting all of his readers see it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Any Piper loving Fresno blogger is a friend of mine! By the way, I was at that John Mayer concert too (saw the flickr photos). Awesome show!

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