Picture_2Yesterday was kind of weird. My team at work met with a consultant to help make our business more effective. It was actually great. Very insightful and it got me re-focused on some areas that I need to work on. We got done at 3 after a full day, so I went home a bit early. Melania is still sick and Jacinda was hanging out with a friend that night, so I wasn’t too excited about my plans for the night.
Kiara ended up going to Maama’s for dinner and to work on her “mother’s day card”. So, since Melania was pretty much out of commission and we didn’t really have anything to eat here, we hit the Taco Bell drive-thru. I think the fresh air helped her a bit, but she still barely ate anything. Anyway, I put her to bed and started watching Karate Kid, part 2 that I had recorded.
It’s so funny how a movie that seemed so cool, which I had multiple dreams inserting myself in Ralph Maccio’s place, can seem so lame now. But, what can I say, I love movies, so, I watched the whole thing. It was actually a nice, relaxing night and ended with me reading some of my Prince Caspian book.
Oh, here’s the cartoon that Mari was referencing in one of the earlier posts:




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