rough day, better night

JunowallpaperIf you can help it, try not to let anyone steal your identity. It really sucks. You have to do all the leg-work, deal with collection agencies that imply that you or someone you know is a thief, and it takes forever to fix.
Jacinda and I both dealt with the Valentine & Kebartas (the collection agency) people today. The lady we talked to was the most infuriating piece of &*%# person ever. That’s right I said @#%^. From the first word out of her mouth, I wanted to punch her teeth in. Honestly, she must’ve taken classes to be that way. I tore apart my office and went through our legal files trying to find a copy of the police report we had sent in several weeks ago. Apparently they lost it, but say that we are “not cooperating” when we suggest that. I actually almost completely lost it. I can’t remember a time that I’ve been that pissed off.
So, we took a walk tonight, got some fresh air, and J and I finally got to see Juno. Great movie! Very quirky, good music, and there were several moments where I belly-laughed. It always amazes me that there is so much creativity out there. I mean, the story itself is decent, but the characters, especially Juno herself, are one of a kinds. I give it 3 out of 4 orange tic-tacs.



  1. We watched Juno this weekend too! I thought it was really good. Robby thought it was sad and he does not like sad movies. So thumbs down from him. But I really thought the characters were well thought out and had a lot of layers, and I know we are like the last people on earth to see this movie, but I was really excited about it!
    Oh by the way we rented it from Redbox which is the new best thing ever – new movies for a dollar and you can reserve them online. Love it!

  2. Steve and I have been through this same mess before. We went floating down the river one day and professional identity thieves broke into our car and stole our wallets. In one day they charged up $10,000 worth of stuff! It took Steve a lot of time to clear ours up too, but take heart, it can be done.

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