HELP! I need somebody, Hel el el el elp.

BrokencellphoneMy wife’s RAZR broke recently and we got a couple months still until we can get a new one with a the “renew your contract” deal. I wanted to know if anyone out there has an older Cingular phone that we could slip her sim card in that they don’t use anymore. I’d be happy to pay you back for the shipping and even give it back to you after July 4th.
Let me know if you can help. Thanks.



  1. Don’t worry, I’ve broken my phone several times now and I found a cheap and quick fix. Just go to Target or Wal Mart and buy an “on-the-go phone.” Make sure you get the cingular model. I got my last one for $20 and it came with a charger and 10 free minutes or something like that. No shipping charges.

  2. go to radio shack or wal mart and get a go phone and put her sim card in the back.
    i just realized the guy above me said the same thing. haha.

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