our favorite summer show

Picture 2
Tonight is the season opener for "So You Think You Can Dance?" If you don't know, it's the equivalent of American Idol, but for dancers. 

I like it better than idol because I'm just so tired of the "tween" vote on Idol and how they directly disregard talent…Michael Johns (cough, cough), for cute boys who won't sell albums except to 6 year olds and maybe some grandma's out there. no offense mom.
Anyway, back to SYTYCD. I honestly didn't care too much for dancing until this show. I went to recitals here and there when I was younger, but was never really into it. Especially the "waive my arms around and call it dance" kind of stuff. I guess it was like hearing a song that was so simple that it sounded juvenile, only to recognize that it's simplicity and hook was pure genius.
So, all that to say, I've found a new appreciation for the art of dance. Plus, there's some sick break-dancing stuff on there.


  1. did you just do an acronym for So you think you can dance? ya I think you did. hey look I’m going to do an acronym for this whole comment. DYJDAAFSYTYCDYITYDHLIGTDAAFTWC!

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