church at home

Jacinda wasn’t feeling very good and Kiara has a bladder infection, so we decided to stay home and not go to church today. My brother and sis-in-law gave the girls this Hillsong Kids DVD last Christmas, so we popped it in to do some worship. It is so amazing. 

They really got something great there. Some of the songs are written specifically for kids, but many of them are the normal Hillsong songs that have been given a rave beat. They got all kinds of youth on stage. Most of the singers/leaders look like they are either high school or college age and in some of the songs they even have a little kids choir. Sure, it’s cheesy for an adult, but for the kids, it’s gotta be the like Disneyland. But, this isn’t just entertainment.
This is worship. I sat there in awe that some of these kids look like they are really getting this Jesus thing. Hills is teaching them what worship is. Incredible. It was a pretty cool experience. With my 2 year old sitting in my lap, I had one of those “God moments” where I had to fight back the tears because of the tug of God on my heart. My heart aches that Jesus isn’t getting worshipped in the way He deserves in so many houses and churches…including my own. This morning opened up my mind to all kinds of possibilities though. 
Oh, one interesting note. All the leaders of this service for Hills was young. I have heard somewhere before that each person in church leadership has a 20 year window of influence. 10 years younger and 10 years older. Sure, there is the exception, like John Piper who still does effective college ministry with Passion, but on the norm, I’d say it’s a pretty good rule. It would take 19 year olds to keep up with that room full of hundreds of little balls of energy. These guys aren’t “the future of our church”, they are the NOW. 


  1. It reminds me of my first real powerful worship experiences. Most of them were in People’s high school group. They had a kicking band and I had known a couple of them for years. They were all young but effected my life and worship powerfully. I think part of it was definitely their nearness to my own age.

  2. It rocked me too. That was real church for me. Even though the girls didn’t have a super long attention span, it was raw and intentional. Both the girls were singing these songs throughout the rest of the day. I felt challenged in so many ways. I am filled with sadness for all those who have never experienced worship. My heart was breaking. It also showed me how important it is to make this more a part of our normal life. If we aren’t teaching them who is going to?

  3. that was awesome. Where can I see more of that? Thanks for sharing. I don’t know how they do it but something amazing is happening in Hills worship if people are being touched through YouTube. I love it

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