a new favorite

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I don't remember why, but I never watched "Arrested Development" when it was on. I'm pretty sure it competed with something else we were watching. Oh man, this would've been one of my favorite shows!

I've been watching episodes on HULU and I'm now on the last season, season 3. Jason Bateman is the main character, and he is the classic, "good guy finishes last". The whole show is pretty smart comedy. His son's name is George Michael and they always say the whole thing like that too. I just bust up watching it all the time. So, I don't know if you've seen the show or if you've checked out HULU or not, but they are both worth a look.


  1. YES! Ryan and I did the same thing – we never watched when it was actually on, then last year we got the DVDs and couldn’t stop! So hilarious! I’m laughing right now just thinking of it!

  2. AD is probably my favorite TV comedy show ever. It’s right up there with Seinfeld. I’m glad you’re diggin it.
    Good meeting you today. Glad you enjoyed RVC!

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