Sweetest new commercial

Okay, I'm a huge Coldplay fan. Best concert I've ever been too. They are coming back through Cali in July, so if you want to see them, tickets go on sale next week sometime depending on the venue you choose. I can't wait until "Viva la Vida" comes out (on my birthday!).



  1. Okay, seriously? This is REALLY exciting! Your post just made my day, I posted about it too, and you (heh). You and Jacinda should so go for your birthday. He is just WAY TO COOL for words. My favorite, favorite, song of his EVER is Clocks. Plus, I love clocks- so it’s perfect.
    Happy Weekend, see you next week!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Dude, we bought tickets for Denver the day they went on sale. It was awesome because I was at this youth conference and a bunch of the youth leaders and workers were all trying to buy tickets at the same time. I talked to a guy a week ago that said he bought tickets for september. Then he told me they are for Paris France. He is pretty hard core.

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