DVD Play Kiosk

I love these little things. They have them in our local Vons and it only costs $1.62 including tax to rent a movie. yeah, the selection isn’t as vast as Blockbuster, but for the price, you can’t beat it. Jacinda and I have really saved some money by avoiding the theater. Think about it: the local Edwards movie ticket is $11 a person. If Jacinda and I went to the theater 4 times in a year it would be more expensive than if we rented a movie every week! Is that crazy?! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the theater experience. I mean love. It’s a great gift, but to spend your own money to go to the movies is just crazy. But’s it the same reason I spent $100 to have my girls eat lunch with the Princesses at Disneyland…it’s all about the experience.
Well, off to watch my movie!


  1. We have something here called Redbox. It’s a dollar per night, and you can reserve online and pick up the movies at the Redbox. It’s been awesome to pay $1.07 for our movies! These things are going to put Blockbuster out of business…

  2. I love DVD Kiosks too. We have a few Redbox kiosks in our town. What a great idea! I am actually looking into purchasing some DVD Kiosks. If Redbox can do it, why not us normall people who just love movies.

  3. I have seen those, but have not used it yet. I gotta try it one of these days! It sure beats the cost of BB, we paid $4.27 the other night…OUCH!

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