Some relief is coming!

Picture 4
If you call 100 degrees relief. Man, today was just gross. 112 and humid with smoke coming in from the wildfires of California. Outside felt like a death-trap. It’s kind of like when you open the oven and the rush of heat singes your nose hairs. Yeah, it’s like that…all the time. Oh, and yes it is still 94 outside and it’s stinkin’ 10:20.



  1. hi. came here by way of brody’s blog.
    so we’re in southern oregon and it has been very hot here too. i know the oven door feeling. over 100 each day this week with a breeze. it actually hurts!

  2. you beat me to it… i was telling my cousin about the weather here and i perked up and was telling her it’s cooling off. i meant that when i read 105.. how lame!! hahaha!
    do you guys have a pool? my neighbor lets my family use theirs whenever thank goodness.

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