just me and my girls

Photo 6
Jacinda has been working on some mad flower tutu/dress kind of things and i have been putting in some crazy hours, so I finally got a chance today to hang out with just my little girls. Kiara really wanted to go look at bikes, so we went to Sports Authority and she rode around in circles in the back corner of the store with me pushing Melania around. Then we went and played on the putting green but Melania kept picking up the balls. A trip to the bathroom, a look around the gym sets, volleyballs, hula-hoops and fishing poles and we were on to go get a treat. We hit up 7-eleven and I got both of the girls little slurpees with like 3 flavors each and we headed to Whities’ Pets. 

We ran around there for awhile checking out the birds, bunnies, rats, mice, dogs, lizards, turtles, snakes, frogs with most of the time looking at fish. Cool day right?
So, we are pulling into the garage and I ask the girls if they had fun. They both said, “Yeah!”. I asked Kiara, “what was your favorite part, the bikes or the animals?” 
Her response just broke my heart, “You daddy!”


  1. Thanks for sharing your wife’s time with me. The tutu-dress is going to be amazing! I cannot wait to come by this afternoon for a little fitting. Such fun. Brian, you and J are all those girls need! Have a great afternoon!

  2. awwww. wow! it doesnt get better than that does it?!!
    i didnt have a dad growing up so please accept my praises to you! very. well. done.

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