an incredible night

I had a later appointment tonight, so as soon as I finished with the couple, I ran home, changed and went out to my parents. The girls were excited to see me, Melania just locked her little arms around my neck and didn’t let go, Kiara immediately got on the piano to “show me something”. We had a great dinner. tons of food. we had a little trouble with the tri-tip, but it was salvaged with a fry pan. Then, my dad and I headed over to the Clovis Towne Center Theater. I guess Regal bought it and they now have month old movies for $3! All the times, any movie, any day of the week.

We went and saw Ed Norton’s latest, the Incredible Hulk. It was pretty good. no ironman (and I haven’t seen dark knight yet), but good. I am almost more excited to see how they intertwine all the movies together, because you know an Avengers movie has got to come here pretty soon. It was pretty mindless entertainment which was nice. Not a ton to think about is what I needed. Well, it’s late for me, 11pm, so I’m gonna hit the hay. Tomorrow’s friday! 

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