my summer addiction and some potential new ones

Jacinda and I have been addicted to “So You Think You Can Dance?” for awhile now. Every year it gets me more interested in dance. The producer said it best tonight, “you can not give a d#$% about dance and you’ll enjoy this show”. That’s me to a “T”! By the way, I’m pissed that Will got voted off. I’m just sayin’ he was freaking ri-cock-ulous.

I’ve been looking into a couple new shows to ease my summer re-run blues. Burn Notice is one that I actually really enjoy. It’s pretty straight forward. There is a problem, they fix it. But there is a underlying theme and the plot moves on throughout the season. I’m not sure of the actor’s name, but he’s the guy who was a jerk in the movie “Hitch”, if you can remember that detail. It hung me up for about 5 minutes of the first episode and then I liked him again. It’s been on a lot, so even if you missed a couple episodes, you could probably catch some re-runs to get back story. Oh, and I think it’s already in it’s 2nd season.

The cleaner
Also, I’ve checked out “The Cleaner” with Benjamin Bratt. Not quite sold on it yet, but it’s different. He’s a freelance, hire-able, addiction killer. He basically gets hired and then, with the help of his team, goes and figures out what kind of drug the person is on, and get them into a rehab center. I’m not hanging on the edge of my seat, but it makes me talk to the TV, even when I’m just home by myself watching it!

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