My baby is 2!

Two years ago today, we were driving to the hospital. Grandma and Grandpa were watching your big sister, so we were alone, just your mom and me. Your date and time was all set because of the automatic C-Section request from Dr. Steinke. Although I’d been through this before, I was nervous. Not really nervous about the aspect of being a father or the fact that two kids would be more work than one.

My biggest concern was that I loved your big sister so much, I didn’t know if I was going to have enough love for you. My whole heart belonged to Kiara and I didn’t think there was going to be enough room in there for another baby. Well, you proved me wrong. 

Just like what happened to the Grinch at the end of his story, my heart grew that day. I don’t know how, but God gave me extra capacity. I love you more than my own life!

You are my baby! There is this undying love that God gave me, the day you were born, that no matter what you do or say, I will love you. It’s this unconditional love that the Father gave me that helps me understand how He loves us. It’s a pretty amazing feeling. You showed me that. 

You are my little “muncher”. You and your sister are so similar, yet so different. When I look at you, it’s like looking at Kiara when she was two, well, more like when she was 1 and 1/2. You are my tall girl (off the charts on the Dr.’s scale) and you eat your sister under the table. The other day, your sister barely ate 1 piece of pizza and you ate 3! I love when you run and you kind of just bounce. I love your kisses and big squeezes around my neck. I love coming home after work and having you run up to me and giving me loves. 

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 1st birthday. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and I’m pretty sure that the rest is going to go even faster. I hear dad’s say it all the time. So let’s try to enjoy every year, every day, and every moment, because no matter what comes our way or no matter what stage of life we are in, we’re gonna miss it. So, just like I tell you every night after you’re asleep and I tuck you in, 

“Daddy loves you.”

 Happy Birthday Melania.

Every time I hear this song I think of you and your sister. I love you!



  1. you made me cry too…i don’t think i’ve ever heard that song, or if i have i never listened to the words that well.
    happy birthday, melania! 🙂

  2. I love how much you love your girls.
    I love you too Melania, my little Mia brings so much joy into my life. Happy 2nd Birthday.

  3. It seems our families have much in common. My birthday is actually the same day as Melania’s. I too worry how I will possibly love a second child as much as a do my first (thank you for letting me know that’s normal AND possible) and our son’s nickname is similar to Melania’s too… Smunchy 🙂 We live in Fresno too 🙂 Happy Birthday Melania!

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