hot hot heat

Well, if you hadn't seen my twitter messages, our A/C went out yesterday. It went up to 90 degrees inside our house in no time. I guess when it's 106 outside, that's what happens. So, the repairmen just came out to our house and fixed it. My amazing parents came out and sat in the heat to wait for the guys while we cleaned up out at Clovis Lakes after the kids' birthday party. 

It's down to 84 degrees inside now and dropping. Thank God.

Also, I just wanted to say that I'm amazed at how easy the internet makes our lives. My tv remote became unprogrammed somehow, I google "vizio, comcast remote" and voila! I got it all fixed.

One comment

  1. I can’t tell you how enthused I am right now! I have had a vizio for over a year now and haven’t take the time (lazy) to program everything onto one remote. I just did what you did and now I have everything on the dish remote! THANK YOU

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