Never a dull moment

Last night I was outside bbq’ing dinner when my 2 year old reached down to grab a rock or something. When she came up, she sliced her face on the bottom of the tray on the side of the BBQ. It was pretty deep so we rushed to the ER at valley childrens hospital where we waited in line to get checked in.
Sidenote: this is why universal healthcare isn’t good. I stood in line at the ER with my daughters head cut and bleeding while the people in front of us waited because their kid had a cold. Seriously, when they got to the nurses station, they gave the kid some triaminic and sent them home. Now, from what I hear from my medical friends, this issue would just get worse and the ER’s would be full of people with no insurance and kids with the sniffles. Stupid.
Ok, I’m back. She had a decent sized cut just above her eye but below her eyebrow. The thing that I was worried about was how deep it was. They decided to fill it with glue instead of using stitches because they thought it would heal better and with less chance of scarring.
She was total trooper and actually only cried when they cleaned it out. Needless to say we were there for over 2 hours and didn’t even get home until almost 9pm. Hopefully tonight will be a little better and we can eat the chicken I cooked last night too!Never a dull moment



  1. Owie!!! Poor baby.
    We had a kid in my class last year who slpit his forehead open on an exposed bolt on a play strucutre at a park. Uuugh. Anyhow, he had that glue stuff too. Only he picked at it and his cut split open again. Disgusting.
    Now that I’ve probably horrified you…sorry =/ Oh, and don’t even get Morgan started with the whole universal healthcare idea. Unless you have like, 9 hours to kill….

  2. Hey Brian, remember when Dave and I got into that car accident and wrecked your parents Intrepid (the other persons fault)? The window shattered in my face and I had a huge cut even deeper than Melania’s in the same place. No scars to show for it…it must be the best healing skin on our bodies! She will be fine!

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