I’m Back!

Well, I just got back from my business trip to Boston.The flights were terrible coming back and I almost lost my lunch. My head is still spinning a bit, but I finally have access to an actual computer, so I'm taking advantage.

Although I was in meetings for the majority of the time, I did have one morning to get out and walk "The Freedom Trail". It's literally a red line that is marked on the sidewalks of Boston which you can walk to see all of the historical sites of the city. At some points it's a red line painted on the sidewalk and at others, it's red brick. And even then, when the walkway is red brick then the bricks are turned the other way so it's easy to follow. 

A couple of years ago, I was in Boston for a similar deal and I took a guided trolley ride around the city and that was really good. I never knew I would actually care and be interested about history so much. But, actually walking the path I got to see a lot of things I wouldn't have seen in the trolley. I got to make my own path and really see a part of the city that most people don't get to. Walking through all of the neighborhoods and one lane roads was well worth the sore legs. Actually what really killed my legs was walking up the 300 something stairs in the Bunker Hill Monument to the right here. It took me a good 10 minutes to recover. 

Boston's architecture is one of the biggest highlights of staying there. The mix of old versus new and the thought of working in one of those skyrise buildings downtown would just be so cool. But it's really the small sections of the city that are the hearbeat of the town. 

On the freedom trail I got off the path and cut through this neighborhood in the Little Italy section. I found this local corner deli where I had an Italian style calzone. It was so good, so homemade tasting and I just chomped on it while walking around. Awesome. I'm going to blog some of the other pictures I took. Remember, I'm no professional, but some of them actually turned out pretty good!

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