Digital Friends

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Tonight was one of those nights where you look around the table and realize that you met all these people "online". 

It sounds so weird, like you all are creepy chesters searching around on the internet with your "too good to be true" picture of yourself that accompanies your want ad for relationships.
But it's not. This world of blogging and twittering really does create real relationships. 
So tonight, I had dinner (a good one too) with 4 people that I did not know 2 months ago. Then another tweet came along and once the kids were taken care of, my wife even joined us. 
I am amazed at how God can use social networking tools like Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter to unite people. Without getting too sappy sounding, it was a great night of just relaxing, watching some TV, laughing and just hanging out. Thanks in great part to the Davis'. 
So, here are a couple of my new friends, go check them out and say hi. And to my Heroes pals, thanks and I'm sure we'll hang out again soon.

His wife Sarah Mundy



  1. I spent the entirety of last weekend in a 4-day slumber party of GIGANTIC proportions! Not numerically gigantic, but huge in terms of connecting: south africa, Boston, Ohio, Oregon… the four of us together hanging out. having met each other through this crazy social networking internet world.
    It weirds me out, it really does, but I wouldn’t trade those relationships for anything! Glad you had an evening with some of your net-peeps.

  2. The scary part is when you see someone on the street and think to yourself, “Where do I know them from???”
    Then, you get home, blog-stalk (as I like to call it) and realize they were in a picture on someone’s blog.
    The world just keeps getting smaller.

  3. Dude your in a cult and you just dont know it. This has been hard to write to you. get out while you still can you twittering bastard GET OUT!!!

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