Information post

I'm putting this on here because these guys are both people I know from Sandals Church down in Riverside. 

Mattstolencam It is funny how when you do a good thing, bad things will sometimes happen.

Last night my buddy Matt Weybright had his camera bag stolen, containing his camera, lenses and accessories. Total value of loss is about 2,500 bucks.

My heart sank as my friend panicked and desperately went on to search for his bag. I felt helpless. What can I do? I walked around with him looking at everybody on the street and in buildings, hoping to eye that army green bag. No luck

twittered a call for prayer. I prayed as I walked around the Life Arts building. Still feeling like I have nothing.

So here is my idea. Create a blog post. Copy the graphic above. Then have people buy some prints of Matt's online. He is an amazing artist. Or maybe just donate some cash. I don't know how this kind of stuff works. Please post the above graphic on your blogs and link to his sites. You can email me at if you have any other questions.

This is Matt's source of income. It is how he provides. He has a shoot this weekend and a wedding coming up. If you all can help in any way, please do.

I also encourage you to hire him for any family, promo whatever shots you are wanting to have done. Christmas is coming up…he could do an awesome postcard for you. Why go to WAL*MART when you can get a one of a kind awesome portrait?



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