Not behaving

If this market doesn’t start acting right I’m gonna slap it!
For anyone out there nervous about the market. That is a valid emotion. You just can’t let fear rule your decisions. That is what is happenning.
Example: the housing market sucks right now right? If you bought a house like I did 3 years ago and put 70k down like I did, and the value of your house is now 70k less, i’m not going to sell that house. I would walk away without a house and without my 70k.
Stocks are almost the same. If your account is down and you sell, you lock in those losses.
So, if you got 10+ years until retirement, turn off the news, go find an advisor to make sure you got your money in the right place, but do not sell out.
You get what you pay for and my opinion is free!Not behaving



  1. Dude. You sound like Mo. Maybe you two should get together and vent together. Cuz I just roll my eyes when he gets goin (becuase I don’t understand, not because I don’t care). xoxo

  2. Amen!!!
    Here’s a great way to make money… let’s sell assets when they are near their bottom. Then, when the market ‘looks right’, we’ll buy them again, at much higher prices! Hmmm….
    I wish I had some extra cash laying around… I know what I’d do with it!

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