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towards the end of the day today i went to grab a new file folder out of my desk and SLICE! I cut my index finger which was evidenced immediately by a sigh of disgust and a bubble of red blood. 

I hate papercuts! I know there probably isn't anyone out there who likes them, but man, for a little tiny cut it makes me want to curse. The biggest problem is that it is on my right index finger which is my finger of choice when using my iPhone. 

It's healing pretty quickly. But I can't help wishing that I could have Claire Bennett's superpower.

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  1. Ha. Robby could have written that post. He got a huge papercut on his finger today too and he keeps telling me how much it hurts. These words also came out of his mouth last night: “It’s like if I was on Heroes, and I had this superpower…” He managed to work that random thought process into an otherwise normal discussion about the way people perceive each other. I think he could relate Heroes to absolutely anything at all. Weird.

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