Amazon mp3 downloader

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I don't know if you have all tried this yet, but actually has mp3's that you can download of the albums they normally sell through mail order. I bought the new Keane album this morning for $2.99. Yeah! $2.99!!!! 

And, the Amazon program puts it right into your iTunes. The deal with Keane must be special though because I couldn't find any other albums that cheap that were brand new. The cool thing though is that most albums on there are only $8.99 beating out iTunes by a buck. The format is different than iTunes as far as the download, but for the average music lover, we probably won't notice the difference. 


  1. Buying MP3’s from Amazon is way better than iTunes. The files are actually MP3’s (not AAC’s), and the bit rate is higher – 256 compared to 128. They have a different deal every day in the upper left hand corner of the page on albums that range in price from $2-$4, and they put a few albums on sale for $5 every Friday.

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