Yosemite for the Day

This week has been full of celebrations and mini-parties for Jacinda's birthday. But today was the day I was really looking forward too. 

Kiara and I had been planning a little surprise day for Jacinda, but I didn't tell Kiara all the details so the surprise would get figured out. I went to Vons yesterday on the way home and got all kinds of food from the fresh deli section. Peppered turkey, huge sandwich rolls, havarti and provolone, avocado, tomato, cookies, and even some blueberry muffins for breakfast. I ended up telling Jacinda Friday where we were going the next day…Yosemite!

It's about a 2 hour drive from where we live, but we don't go there enough. I had planned a couple things to do once we got up there. 

First, we experienced "pit" toilets. Maybe one of Kiara's 1st times. Anyways. We packed up all our stuff and started on our hike portion. It was less than a mile and didn't gain too much elevation…perfect for our 2 year old. She was so cute. She wouldn't let me pick her up, she wanted to walk up all on her own, but the steepness made her almost fall over.

Girls with helmets
After our hike, we were looking for a good place to eat lunch. We drove down the road, got the bikes off the roof and crossed the street to a little area with benches near the lower Yosemite falls. 

After eating our sandwiches, cheetos, grapes, and chocolate chip cookies we got on the bikes and road through the valley. This will be an understatement, but I've never seen Yosemite look this beautiful.

Riding a bike, you are moving quick enough to be able to see lots of stuff, but without having a metal roof over you, you can fully experience the nature. 

I don't know if it's just for me, but Yosemite is just one of those places that literally SHOWS me there is a God. It is so amazingly huge and I am always awestruck at the grandness of El Capitan and the uniqueness of Half Dome. 


  1. Beautiful! Such fun. You guys rock bringing the bikes! We kidnapped Scott for Father’s day and did the same thing. Fun times hiking, sweating, enjoying the magnificence of our Maker! Thanks for sharing!

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