Kids these days

Yesterday on our way to Yosemite, we took some time and parked at the Valley lookout point to take some pictures. We had done the whole family pose thing and we were heading back to the car when I saw this group of guys. Two of them were shirtless and trying to act like they didn't care so hard you could practically smell it. It was like 55 degrees outside, but they were sacrificing their bodies for the sake of cool. It was hilarious so I just had to snap a pick.

What kind of stupid things have you done for the sake of looking cool?


  1. yessir it has been a while. you know what? i think your blog is what started me on this lol
    anyway, i enjoy reading your guys’ blogs…you, jacinda, carlos, and his wife are my “daily rituals” and i appreciate you guys.
    have you heard much about the new blackberry?

  2. oh…and when i see guys doing stuff like that I usually just start laughing uncontrollably….i can’t think of anything stupid I’ve done to look cool, but I’m sure I have..!

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