clean up

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man, I really need to clean up my blog. It seems that for months now I've totally put my blog on the sidelines and have entrenched myself in Twitter. With Jacinda gone, maybe tomorrow night will be some good time, so if you could help me with that too…if you visit my little blog here, leave me a comment, especially if I don't have you linked. I'm gonna wipe the slate, check any dead links and try to make sure I have everyone all current. 

Link me and I'll link you back!


  1. hi! we read your blog- and we like you! ps- i think you and dave should hang out this weekend. i'm going out of town too so it's perfect timing.

  2. Hale-Yeah I check your blog! OK, it's Friday humor… I thought that was funny. Really enjoy following you and your Mrs. You are a great family, make me giggle and think. I also love the day to day pics of family life you post. So beautiful watching you grow.

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