the circle of life

Today was another crazy one. I drove across town to drop the kids off at our friends' house. (Thank you so much Steve and Mignon!) for the day, drove to work (total trip was about an hour) and did my normal thing at work. I got off, slipped home to change and then off to pick up the kids across town again. That's where it all started. 

Jack, our friends son, and the girls were playing outside with his mini, but very real, golf clubs; just swinging at balls and having a great time. Next thing you know, Kiara is swinging her club and Jack gets in the path…total accident, but it hit him right between the eyes, literally. Tons of tears, from Jack and Kiara who felt bad, and a bump just above his nose that just kept getting bigger and bigger. Poor kid.

After the impact we made there we were ready to head over to Daniel's house where him and Reagan were waiting for us with pizza. We stopped at Savemart to grab a kid's drink. While browsing, Melania totally kicks Kiara right in the mouth. Another accident, but tell her bloody lip that.

Then, once at Daniel's house we went outside and the kids were playing with razor scooters, electric cars, and bikes. Melania was on foot when Reagan and her (he was on a bike) collided. Again, TOTAL ACCIDENT. 

She hit the asphalt so hard that she had a piece of it on her tooth. Another bloody lip and more crying.

My kids are gonna need some Gatorade just to get the salt back in their body after all those tears.


  1. Ha! I do have his linked but only the top 25 show up – it refreshes when they post – and he hasn't posted in so long…I'm sure he's way down at the bottom. If you click on where it says Show All at the bottom of the list, they all come up. I'm sure his is right down there by Kevin's… 🙂

  2. Hello Brian~ Its Sarah (Seymour) Ono from HS days… so I will come clean I totally read yours and Jacinda's blogs, I got them from Joanna's blog, I am a total blog stalker!! Glad you guys are doing great and your family is beautiful! And your blogs are so fun to read! Take care, and I will keep stalking.. haha!

  3. Oh my goodness. We have had our fair share of these days. It becomes a comedy of errors. Felt like you were discribing my home!
    Sorry about my dork-a-saur-us-rex-isms… I did not realize I put the wrong link to your name as when I follow you I do so through reader. Ooopsa daisy. I will fix right now.

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