Where the Light Is (live in LA)

Picture 3
While at Daniel’s house last night he showed me John Mayer’s latest: Where the light is.


I know he’s a pop musician but just in case you didn’t know, he’s a monster musician and carries some serious cred. It didn’t hurt that I watched the Blu-Ray DVD on an enormous Samsung LCD with huge speakers and subwoofer. 

Definitely worth a look. I’ve been to two of Mayer’s concerts and neither was a disappointment. Check out this video from the John Mayer Trio section of the DVD (it also had acoustic and full band portions). Make sure you watch at about 2:40 into the video. They just go off.

One comment

  1. AMEN! This came out right before Rae and I went to go see him in Houston and we grabbed it to prepare for what we were about to experience. I have a ton of live DVDs but this is by far my favorite. It's awesome because it's one my 3 year old loves as well! Actually, the trio is her favorite and Good Love is On the Way is her favorite track 🙂

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