new categories and links

well, it took me forever, but I finally cleaned up my sidebars a bit. I now have several different "TypeLists". 

Daily Rituals = these are the people that I actually try and read everyday. friends.

Fresno Bloggers = pretty self explanatory. people from my area of this world who blog. I know Julie doesn't live in Fresno, but it's close enough

Blog Community = these are either people that I've met or have had multiple conversations with. In the reference of a conversation I would say, "yeah my buddy/friend…" Even though many of them I've never met in person, I wouldn't feel awkard sharing a meal with them and would consider them friends.

Friends First, Now Bloggers = this one may eventually go away, but these are people I've know from before I started blogging several years ago. Some go back to Kindergarten days.

Blog Stalking = people's blogs who I've heard about or am just in the beginning stages of checking out

General Blogs = organizations or celebrities figure types.

Link Love = people who I like to read their blogs but have yet to connect with.

Again, if you read my blog and you don't see a link anywhere, let me know!


  1. Talk about your clean up!
    This is why I need a 3 column theme! Everything so neat and concise! If we ever finally make it out to the West Coast, I'd buy you lunch!

  2. 'ey! i like the cleanup…maybe one day i'll get to the point where enough people read my blog that i'll have to do the same thing HA
    i'm hleping lead worship for a christian school conference thing this weekend and i would appreciate your prayers over those kids…i think its going to be amazing but a little prayer never hurt

  3. I wish that we had had the opportunity or distance thing to have gotten together but I am sure as well that if we were in close proximity that a meal with our families would have rocked. I am still looking forward to that. Thank you for influencing my journey Brian. So super cool thing…I am not sure if you blog with them or not, but we got to meet up with the Paulo's…they are so fabulous. Really…our circle of friends are phenomenal.

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