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I don't know if you are a Heroes fan or not, but I definitely am. It's like watching a good movie one hour at a time. I only wish I could watch more of it at a time. 

If you're not a Heroes fan, you can stop reading now or else you'll just think I'm more of a dork then you already do. 

I really like how all these people are discovering their powers, losing them in the eclipse, getting them back, and people stealing them but,

…if Peter Petrelli doesn't get his powers back soon, I'm gonna be pissed. He was the coolest one!


  1. i wanted to start watching that, but i have the same fear of that show as i do “lost”: that if i start watching it, my GPA will drop to a .5 or something.

  2. I agree with ya but (there is always a but) remember in the beginning of the season? Claire killed the future Peter….but then again he was still able to jump around in time… who knows.

  3. Yes. Peter needs to and will return with all powers in place. But, as you know, (from one dork to another), this means he will somehow become a villain before it’s all said and done.

  4. I have officially stopped watching because I think it’s goofy that everyone always dies and then comes back to life. Am I supposed to be sad that people are dying? I know they will not be dead for long.

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