what’s my problem?!

I don't know why, but I love Smallville. It's not the most well written show out there by any means, but I'm just drawn to it and just dying to see what happens next. The Superman story has got to be one of my most favorite storylines. 

Since starting NetFlix, I'm back on the kick that I started a year or two ago. I'm on Disc 1 of Season 4. They are making some huge leaps on the storyline and I can't figure it out. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show?


  1. I got Dad hooked watching Survivor with me. Last night was the season finale and our favorite guy, Bob, won the million plus the ‘favorite player’ which gives him an extra $100,000. He is old like us!

  2. Mine are bad guilty pleasures, but I don’t watch them anymore, becuase I hardly watch TV anymore…so sad…but they were The Girls Next Door, and the Housewives of Orange County/New York/ Atlanta. Oh, and Kimora Lee, Life in the Fab Lane.

  3. um yes, i also am addicted to smallville. my husband rolls his eyes at me and all my younger siblings look at me like “how old are you and you’re watching that?” yeah, i don’t care. it’s a fun show and i like it anyway!

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