sorry, another superman thing

seriously, I'm not a big comic book guy or anything, but I've just been watching a lot of Smallville lately. This last episode I watched must have been close to Christopher Reeve's death because they gave him the "in the memory of" screen at the end. 

The quote after that is what I thought was so cool because it's true:

"He made us believe a man could fly"

One comment

  1. I’m with you on the whole superman thing, although I was always more into Wolverine from X-Men. Back to Smallville though…I think it was really cool that Christopher Reeves played a role in an episode (or more?). Somehow I felt that it was like saying, “Yes there are a lot of Superman remakes, but I (Christopher Reeves) approve of this one and watch it all the time myself.”
    -Wishing he could fly,

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