really Kanye, Really!

I just watched SNL from last week. Hugh Laurie was pretty funny and I'm totally bummed that Amy Poehler is leaving, but the thing that bummed me out the worst was Kanye West's performance. 

Just to preface, I do not own any of Kanye's albums, and am, in general, not a big rap fan. And, Kanye, is exactly the reason I don't like it. Maybe he can rap, but on SNL he tried to sing. 

Embarrassing is probably the word I would use. Or…off key. Terrible really.

I don't understand how he got so big. To me, he's completely unbelievable. I don't trust the words, I don't believe they are from his heart. I hear them and see his "act" on stage. I think it's all from his head. I can see him trying to create emotional moments but deep down, I just don't believe it. 

I'm really diggin' Jay-Z and Coldplay's mix up, Viva la Hova, so maybe there's a chance I'll find some rap worth listening to, but this "no gucci to buy, no louis viutton to put on, no YSL…" crap is just "heartless".


  1. 1. I’m not a rap fan, but I do really enjoy Kanye.
    2. I may not believe him either, but his music is fun
    3. His performance on SNL was TERRIBLE. I’ve seen other performances too which weren’t very good. Last time he was on SNL, he forgot lyrics to Goldigger
    4. Viva la Hova is rad.

  2. I’ll take Micah’s cue here:
    1. Also not a rap fan. I think I like hip-hop.
    1.01 I am SOOOO whiteboy.
    2. I sorta like Kanye. I haven’t listened to it much, but the singles are catchy.
    3. I like the music on Viva La Hova, but “Really, Jay-Z?” You’re selling coke and keeping it real on the street? I have a hard time beliving that Hova is or was a legitimate drug dealer and if he was… I don’t know if I want to hear about it. What I’ve heard from Kanye seems more tame (like I said I haven’t heard much)
    3.01 That being said I’m still listening to Viva La Hova!

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