Early Christmas Presents

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Monday night, Jacinda went out for some dinner and a movie. We went to the real theater too because we had gift cards! It was great, but one of the highlights was definitely the quick trip to REI before the movie started.

I love REI. I could walk around that place for hours, look at every little thing, dreaming that if I were to hike Mt. Whitney again what I would take as my gear. Taking tally of weight, food, luxuries vs. necesseties and so on. I've been somewhat obsessed with wanting to go backpacking and camping lately. We haven't gone anywhere except for our day trip to Yosemite, but still…

Back to the point of the post, early Christmas. Jacinda's granny gives us money that we are supposed to buy ourselve a present with each year and wrap it for Christmas day. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, actually, I don't even know if she has a computer…

Well, I already spent my $25. I got this cool wool hat from REI. It's got a cool style to it and when you get really cold, the inside flips out and it covers your ears. It says, "I'm stylish, grown up, and it's from REI, so I'm an outdoorsmen."

Oh, and also, Matt Heinricy, who leads worship at RVC, got me some new guitar strings. He said they were an early Christmas present.

It's funny how much I value little things like this since I've been pinching pennies. I think I'll save them to put them on next month when we help lead again.



  1. OK… so i went to rei yesterday and did the same thing. I think we should plan a backpacking trip! I mean we are going to have a ton of free time this year. But still maybe even a 1-2 nighter! Lets do it. I know it is cold but we will be there the last weekend in may it can be a anniversary thing… HMM, how can we talk J into it? 🙂 H

  2. hey, you’ll have to let me know when you and the wife are helping lead again at RVC so i can come and support!! (and i’m sure it’ll bring back some cool memories as well.)

  3. dude…i was definitely in REI this morning looking at hats, too. they were all 20 bucks or more though…and i have friends who make them for 13. and they are just as good, plus they have a little sentimental value to them.
    AAAND looks like we use the same guitar strings. what kind of guitar do you play?

  4. “I’m stylish, grown up, and it’s from REI, so I’m an outdoorsmen.” haha!!
    I’m catching up on blogs and just read this. But I must confess a few things…confession #1…I wore your hat before I gave it back to Jacinda.It’s nice! …confession #2…i thought that purple box of guitar strings was condoms. Come on…Elixir?

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