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Oh, I am so pissed right now! I was supposed to work until noon today. Kiara got sick last night and her eye got all swollen up. That's not her fault, it's just another thing in a long string of things.

Anyway, I called the Dr. to make an appt and they got us in an 10:30. Cool. I go home and the girls are still in their pajamas, so I quickly start getting Kiara dressed. Then Melania starts freaking out and now there's no way that I can leave her home, so I have to get her dressed in my 10 minute "pick-up and go" window. Plus, there's a poopy diaper thrown in there.

Get to the Dr. okay, she's sick, she needs 2 antibiotics. I tell them to call it in for me and after our quick errand thru Costco, we pick up Jacinda for lunch. On our way home for naps I swing by the pharmacy to pick up the prescription. I think, "hey it's been 2 hours, it's gotta be ready"

nope. No prescription called in. frick!

I call the Dr.'s office to have them call it in…CLOSED!

I call the Dr. on call 24 hour line…wait until at least 2pm because they call in the prescriptions after hours.

Go by the pharmacy again, no call-in.

come home, wait for awhile. call at 3pm. no call-in. Oh, and "we close at 5pm today and all day tomorrow (Christmas)"

At this point I'm slanging cuss words and "how come no one can just do their job" -isms in my head.

Call the 24 hour line again. wait on hold…wait…okay, they'll leave a message for a Dr. to call me.

It's 3:57.



UPDATE: the pharmacy lied about getting the fax from our Dr. probably because they were busy. When the Dr. called them he asked when they got the fax and they wouldn't tell him! Anyway, got the meds within 10 minutes of closing and she is already showing great improvement today. Thanks!



  1. SO sorry…it is just one of those days. Had those…and it gets better. Just a bummer it’s on Christmas…hopefully you guys will still have a great time, you will enjoy the day and your girls will make you laugh.

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