Merry Christmas

Merry christmas
Christmas is my favorite time of year…hands down. It's just as much about remembering the past as it is about looking forward. For me, it's a very prideful time of year. I think to myself almost constantly that this whole season is all because of Jesus.

Just think about it. Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth. Who cares if you believe in Him or not, that is why this time of year is celebrated. It's not just tradition, it's a part of history. This day is written in time and printed on all those little calendars around the world as "Christmas". That is pretty cool.

It's the time of year where someone who hasn't gone to church all year long will step inside and attend a service. It's the time of year where anywhere from a choir to you and me singing in our car our proclaiming His name and singing about His birth. Even if not on purpose. I don't know, it just amazes me.

So, to you and your family I say, "Merry Christmas"

May your celebration be as great as your love for our King.


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