new iPhone app…for me

I switched last night from twitterific to this new twitter app called TwitterFon. 

It’s the one on the bottom left there. 

It’s free too, but I really like the way it separates all the different twitter messages (regular, @replies, DMs). It also gives you the option of selecting one of your followees like a contact list instead of having to type in @brianhaleyeah everytime. I do miss the little bird tweets of twitterific though!

I like looking through all the different apps available, but so many of them are either really difficult or just kind of dumb. But, I’m also a penny pincher when it comes to this sort of thing and have only spent money on two apps.

GL Golf, it’s really fun and more realistic than a lot of stuff out there and iFart…pretty self-explanatory

Have you found any cool apps that you love? 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about with Twitter, watch this video:


  1. has a bible app, and right now they are doing this read the bible in 365 days, it is pretty cool and free! you can pick out any version of the bible you want to!

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