Our day in the ATL thru Pictures

The day started off with Heather and Carlos renting us a car so we could all get around which was super-cool of them. 

We drove down to the MARTA station which is the rapid transit in Atlanta, just like BART in San Francisco. 
The kids were way excited just to be all hanging out together.

We had lunch at this awesome pizza place called, The Mellow Mushroom. The kids got to run around a little because we ate outstide and the pizza was really good.

After finally getting some food in us we walked through downtown a bit to the Coca-Cola museum. It was a little more than I wanted to spend to see the history of Coke and to drink some different varieties. I just had a Diet Coke for lunch…so, I was good. Also, I'll just read the history on wikipedia or something. I still think it would be cool, but with all the kids and required funds we thought…nah.

We let the kids play at a park for awhile where we tried to snap a pic of all 9 of us. It almost worked. Melania was the unhappy one again. oh well. 

Then, we walked back to the MARTA, which seemed to take forever because it was all uphill, and then rode the train home. 
At this point all the kids had hit at least one nerve of each of the parents, but they really were good for the whole day. 

The little ones were almost out by the time we got to the MARTA and then they got their second wind on the way home. 

The little guys are now sleeping and the big kids are watching Tinkerbell. Carlos is playing Stuntman on XBOX 360, the girls are juicing something, and I'm…well about to close the MacBook and watch Righteous Kill with all the adults. 



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