another iPhone app

It's called the iFart. I know that I'm so immature, but c'mon…this is hilarious. It costs 99 cents, but it has been worth all the laughs we've gotten from setting it off. There is a security mode on it that after you set it up, whenever someone picks it up, it will make the pre-selected fart noise. 

There's also a countdown for a surprise fart. 

Carlos has it too, and we were eating lunch yesterday at this place called BrickTop and our waiter started cracking up about fart noises. You see, ladies, your man will never grow up to the point where a wet fart noise will make him snicker. 


  1. You guys were having way too much fun with it. Playing in the am dying of laughter, and then still by 6pm that night as if it was the first time you heard it! I’m glad the little things bring you joy!

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