Photo 38
We hiked up Stone Mountain this afternoon. It was freezing and steep but we all made it okay. Carlos and I had the little kids in the car with us so we drove home and dropped them off, changed, and drove straight back to church. 

They are now doing all of their pre-service "working out the kinks" kind of stuff. The whole process from cameras, to sound, producing, set design, music and worship leading is top notch. 

The guy leading today is Seth Condrey. He's great at leading others to God. He's very laid back and seems very in control and comfortable. I don't know what that "x" factor is that some worship leaders have (anointing?favor?), but he's got it. It was great to just connect with God this morning.

Sometimes, when I come into situations like this, my head and heart are so torn open to God, that I can't even sing. I know, I lead worship myself, but If I do, the emotions take over and it's hard to keep it together. It just happens sometimes, not all the time, but when it does I cherish it. 

Churches often take for granted what they have right in front of them. This church is blessed with many great worship leaders, pastors and ministries. I'm loving our church more and more each day, but sometimes it's just nice to sit under someone else's leadership and soak it all in. 

(I took pictures w/ my Nikon too, but didn't have the cable to transfer them to my Mac. That was from the little camera on my laptop!)

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