Southern Style!

Saturday we ventured out in search of some cliche Southern style kind of food/places. Our first stop was at a restaurant chain called "The Cracker Barrel". Let me tell you, there were a lot of "crackers" there. I wonder if that's why it's called that? I'm sure they're not all the same, but this one was filled with some back-woods folks. The people watching was better than my hot fudge sundae. 

As you can see, Kiara was loving spending time with Uncle Carlos!

Picture 1
We actually started with dessert to just turn things around. We went to the Cracker Barrel more for culture than for the food. Most of it looked like a fried mess anyways. The funniest thing I thought, was a sign when you were walking out that said, "Imagine walking out these doors with a paycheck". HA!

Swallow at the hollow
Then we drove through miles and miles of southern mansions and winding roads until we got to Roswell, a really cool little vibey town. We had made reservations at a BBQ place called "Swallow at the Hollow". It is a cool place that's one big room with knotty pine walls and a tin roof. It was pretty good, maybe southern BBQ has more sauce than I'm used to, but seriously, I'd go back for the potato salad and mac n cheese. Holla. Slap your mamma. Booyah! loved it. I was so full I almost keeled over and I didn't even eat a half slab of ribs!


  1. Slap your mamma…haha! I was shocked when I learned that it’s actually a compliment! Glad to see you guys are having fun!…now I’m hungry…

  2. Our in-laws used to live in N. ATL and went to Carlos’s church. Makes me feel like I am reliving the time we visited them. They fry fried things. Very yummy but made me fat.
    Have a blast!

  3. i died laughing with the, “Holla, slap yo mama, booyah!” comment. Hahaha. Good to hear you’re enjoying your trip. Cya when you come back to “the no”.

  4. As a native of TN, I ain’t gonna hate for the cracker comment. True is True. However, my brother, you couldn’t even finish of a half slab? Next time you come to the South, come hungry. Ha Ha Ha. We live to fry and we live to eat. Maybe that is why I am clincially obese … I gots to go eat a carrot.

  5. Came here via Heather’s blog via Los’ blog.
    Nice. I think I shall bookmark you.
    You know. Talking bad about the Cracker Barrel in these parts will get you injured.
    Glad you enjoyed your stay here in the South.
    Just think…with practice, next time you will be able to handle the full slab of ribs.

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