My Morning @ River Valley

This morning was great. Jacinda and I got to lead worship for the first time at our church today (RVC). And, our pastor, Gordon Hall, had me in my high-pitched laugh I was going so good. You can listen to the podcast on the website linked above. 

Lots of friends and family came out to come see us which made it really cool for me. In the past, we've played with the worship team, but this was different because we got to pick all the songs and kind of direct everything. This was actually pretty hard because we've only been attending the church for about 6 months so we aren't really familiar with it's history, especially worship. I met with Luke Mundy, who leads a lot there and we talked over the dilemna of the different traditions of worship which exist at RVC. There are the Calvary Chapel people, the people from other churches, and the people who are newer to church, so I tried to pick a very diverse song list. So, here's how the morning went:

-marvelous light by charlie hall
-glory to god, forever by steve fee and vicky beeching
-one pure and holy passion by mark altrogge
-better is one day by matt redman merged with
-everything by lifehouse
-came to my rescue by hillsong united

Like I said, the morning was great, but not just because we got to worship, but because I got to see my church worship. I gotta tell you, one of the best things ever is to look out into a congregation filled with friends, family, new friends, and others that I can't wait to meet and to see them excited about worshipping God. Awesome.

How was your Sunday?


  1. that’s the church at clovis north campus right?
    i was gonna go to your church this sunday to see what it was like.
    how awesome you guys got to lead worship!
    sounds like a great set of songs.
    i wish i went now.
    oh well.
    can you tell me next time you’ll be doing it? thanks!
    maybe next time can you tell me when you lead worship?

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