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I want a bigger house. Heck! I just want to live in the one I'm renting out right now! The point is, I always want more than what I have. When we visited the ATL, the houses there were enormous. The house above is in the Newport Beach area of California, but you get my point…

I listen to a podcast on iTunes called "My Money Life" with Chuck Benteley who is the CEO of Crown Ministries. They are little 2 minute segments packed with 1 truth about you and your money everyday. I heard this one a couple days ago and I thought it was interesting enough to write it down.

in 1900, the average number of people living in the "family home" was 4.6. And, they lived in a 700 square foot home. That's an average of 152 sq. ft. per person. (I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this…)

in 1940, the average family was 4 people, living in a 1500 sq ft home. That's 400 sq ft per person.

in 1980 it was 3 people…

and today, it is average 2.5 people living in a 2500 square foot home with 1000 sq ft to each person. That's bigger than my first house! probably because it was built in 1951. 

I wonder if that has anything to do with how the family dynamic is becoming more and more dysfunctional. Now, if you're mad at someone, you just go hang out in the west wing!


  1. I can really relate to this post. There are times I feel like I would like a bigger house, or I regret having bought when we did, thinking we could have got more for less had we waited, etc. etc. But you know, I love our house! It is just the way the U.S. and the unfortunate “new” American “dream” seems to lead us.
    But I also agree with your theory- it totally makes sense.

  2. My dad was one of nine siblings. All 11 family members lived in a 1500 square foot home and it was only that big because they converted the one car garage into THREE bedrooms. They literally had three kids in each room that measured about 9×10. And my grandpa still lives in that house and it’s still the house ALL of us-kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids gather at for holidays/birthdays. Just to give you an idea…from nine children, my grandparents ended up with 23 grandkids. From 23 grandkids (and most of them have spouses) we have at least 15 kids. Not one person complains about not having any room. I’m amazed every time I go. And I won’t even get started about how small the kitchen is.
    That being said…I LOVE our house. All 1100 feet of it with our four kids running all over the place (driving me crazy). BUT, we have an offer in on a bigger house. Go figure.
    Whatever you do, don’t watch House Hunters on HGTV. Nic gets SOOOO irritated when people have one child in a 2500sf house and they are looking for a bigger house because they want to have another baby and they say they don’t have any room. LOL!

  3. Wow. Morgan and I found our dream house last week at Harlan Ranch….sigh…it’s way too much house for just the two of us, but I want it!! Too bad it’s nearly $400,000.
    But I can totally relate to Carrie…my mom is one of 10. They had a 2 bedroom home before my grandpa converted the garage into 2 more rooms and a bathroom. Now…30 grandkids later..it’s the party house for every holiday and such, hosting over 60 people. And heck yeah the kitchen is small! But I LOVE it!

  4. Interesting subject, one that I blather about to my husband all the time. People live in houses that are far too big for them. That has gotten us into a lot of the economic troubles we have now because a bigger house begats bigger stuff and more stuff. What do we really need? It’s a question I am pondering as we are thinking of downsizing from our 1500 sq ft house to a 580 sq ft high rise studio apartment.

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