The Rocker

I watched this movie pretty much by myself because Jacinda was taking a nap right next to me. I hate watching movies by myself. Movies are events to me. They are more fun shared with other people and often more exciting. 

I watched Napolean Dynamite by myself and thought it was stupid. But, the more and more I ran into people and we quoted lines from the movie, it actually got better. In my head anyways. 

All that to say, even though I was by myself when I watched Rainn Wilson's new movie, "The Rocker" I laughed out loud. Several times. That's saying a lot. I'm also a total pushover for a teenie-bopper movie with a love interest. Let the jokes begin.

It was totally funny, and I kind of forgot about the plot, so I didn't completely know how the storyline was going to go. All in all. It was a light, funny, good for rainy days in bed type of movie. I give 3.5 naked drummers.


  1. Sweet! I heard it was an awful knock off of School of Rock. I am TOTALLY with you on what movies are though! Don’t know how in the world someone could go to the theaters by their self.

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