License plate frames

I just saw a guy’s license plate frame that said:
“why can’t I be rich, instead of good looking”
Thought that was pretty funny. I’ve seen some good and some really bad ones out there. I personally don’t have a customized frame or plate right now. When my Saturn got stolen back in the day, I had my fish and my frame said:
“real men love Jesus”
If I can ever afford my dream car I have a plate already in my head that I will use. Do you have a customized plate or frame?
License plate franes


  1. My customized plate says “Skemer” (Because some other fool already took Skeemer) I got the nickname because of my knack to sneak backstage at concerts & get my guitar signed. 🙂 It stuck.

  2. I had shaystr and Wally had walstr on our license plates when we got married. it was our nicknames for each other from an SNL skit.
    Now we just have boring standard plates.

  3. I saw a great one on the back of a mini van, it read: “In Loving Memory of My Manhood”. We were on the freeway so we speed up to see the driver and sure enough, it was a dude!

  4. I haven’t seen those yet…like the medal frame things. They really don’t have customized plates here. I have only seen 2 or 3 and they are lame. Like one said “my car”. But when I was in America I had “massage” on mine because I was a massage therapist. But I think a lot of people are illiterate because so many people asked me why I had “message” on the back of my car. I never knew what was happening.

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