Spelling fail

I can’t believe it. This is real i saw it
This package of chalk actually mispelled the word “pieces”.
Made in china of course. Spelling fail



  1. this whole time since you have posted this i have been trying to figure out who the girl is that looks so famililar to me on the chalk. i think she’s “ashley” brad taylor’s girl friend on home improvement.. haha!
    i know you guys like to eat at chik a fila sometimes so my church is doing this thing where if you eat there tomorrow night (tuesday march 10th) 5-8pm you can help earn money for the youth ministry.
    i don’t know if you are supposed to tell them you are doing it for the cause or not, but if you are it’s woodward park baptist church.
    you really don’t have to go.. but if you do!! it’d be amazing.
    hope you’re doing well. are you excited about the 17th!?!? 🙂 i am praying for you guys.
    okay that was a long comment… ttyl!

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