caught with my pants down

um, this just happenned. 

We just put the kids down to bed which is always an exhausting task, so I figured I would relax a little. I've been dying to blog, so I grabbed the laptop, and yes, I took it with me to the bathroom. TMI, I know.

So, I'm sitting there, logging into typepad when Jacinda comes in to wash her face. Right then, one of the kids screams and comes running out their bedroom. Jacinda opens the door and follows in hot pursuit. But, she left the door open. 

Did you remember that we are "community living"? With the door wide open, Bruce, my father-in-law walks by. So yeah, pants around my ankles, MacBook in lap, I say "hey bruce"

"hey brian"


  1. oh my. that may have been the funniest story i’ve heard on your blog in a long time.
    hahahahaha. i’m sorry to laugh at your embarassment/pain.

  2. That is o freakin hilarious!!! I had to stop eating because I was afraid my dinner was either going to shoot out of my nose or choke me. It seems like a pitch for some comedy movie. Thanks for giving us some joy through your embarrassment.

  3. Hysterical! I guess in an instance like this man code goes out the window. I don’t talk in the bathrooms, especially when having a quiet time 🙂

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