just a little braggin’

Carlos This is one of my best friends in the world. His name is Carlos and you might think he looks familiar because he is the force and spirit of "Ragamuffin Soul". My girls call him Uncle Carlos and Kiara says it with such vigor and with a little accent as she tries to roll her R's.

It's no news to any of you out there, but Carlos is a pretty cool dude who is seriously involved in church culture. His success and ability to shape culture has taken him from Georgia to Fresno to LA, and now to Atlanta. He has been asked to speak again at the "Saddleback Worship Conference" this year and as I was looking at the website I just think it is so cool to see his picture there, so, here you go: That's him on the bottom right. I mean, look who else is in those pictures! I know they are just people like us, but to be included with the likes of Francis Chan, Vicky Beeching, and Rick Warren is pretty cool. 

Picture 3 Carlos, even though we live a whole country apart, I love being part of you and your family's life and it doesn't hurt that at the mention of your name, my cool meter goes up, I get better tables and famous celebrities want to kiss my baby. You guys are family to us, and I'm proud to call you a friend. Expecting big things!


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