i know…don’t judge me

Bride_wars If you notice, I've had a couple blog posts in a row here. I'm trying to catch up with things and I have all these things that I'm looking back at that we did. 

Jacinda have started up our date nights again, taking the girls to my parent's house, and bringing the baby out with us. We went to our first movie in awhile a couple weeks ago. We went to the ever-so-famous $3 theater in Clovis and saw Bride Wars. 

Before you judge me, I have mentioned several times on this blog and in public that I'm an emotional sap and I love chick/teenie bopper films. They always start nice, create some kind of problem, have climactic music building up to an end that is perfect. It's kind of like watching an episode of Full House. What's wrong with that?

Bride Wars didn't disappoint. classic story line that ended all happy. Nothing special, just entertaining.


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