Facebook Empire

Picture 4 You have a Facebook right? It's part of our culture. You here people say, "Yeah, I facebooked them and they are totally fat now!" or "on facebook last night I…" it's amazing. It's taken over. I even heard a guy call it "F Booking" which sounded really crass, but try it, it's much easier to say. 

When I was standing in line to sign up Kiara for Kindergarten I had a "Facebook" conversation with some soccer moms that made me think it's really not that cool anymore. But, until someone starts the next underground social network, it's what I'll use to connect to people with.

Anyway, being the finance geek I am, I subscribe to Fortune magazine and they had this article with the Creator of Facebook and were talking about it's rise. I know that the population has increased greatly in the last century, but these numbers are still crazy to look at. 

This is how long it took some of the major inventions in the last 150 years to reach 150,000,000 users:
telephone: 1876 to 1965 = 89 years
television: 1928 to 1966 = 38 years
cell phone: 1983 to 1997 = 14 years
iPod: 2001 to 2008 = 7 years
Facebook: 2004 to 2009 = 5 years


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