inappropriate behavior

Dog_kissing_owner Dogs.

I don't hate them, I actually like them. Well, like is a strong word. 

Let me just say that we will never have a dog. 

Can I say that again?

We will never have a dog. 

I saw this lady's license plate frame the other day and it read, "My Dogs are the Best Kids". 

That is really psycho. What is the deal with people and their relationships with these animals? I know people whose dogs have their own bedroom! It's like this picture. 

This lady probably has this picture above her bed where her dog sleeps with her every night. Doesn't she realize that that dog just ate a moth, hacked it up in the grass, ate the hack, squatted next to the rose bush, took a big ol' dump (no wiping here may I add), and then jumped into her clean sheets and she open mouth kisses it!

I was listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast the other day and this lady called in asking what to do when her dog needed a $3,000 operation. uh, bye bye doggy. I know that it would be hard if the dog had been around for years, but that's even more of a reason not to get it in the first place. Oh, and don't even get me started on "picking up" after them. 

Oh, and I don't care how "good" the dog is, it's an animal. I've known several people who have been bit by dogs. The most recent one was a little 3 year old that got bit by their family dog that they've had for years. It wasn't really old, she just startled it and it bit her…in the face. Plastic surgery needed and everything. It's just not worth the risk to me…


  1. So…is it just me or do I get the feeling that you don’t ever want to have a dog?
    After having animals my whole life…now that I’m the one picking up after them I say a hearty “no thank you!” to any more.
    I can’t wait until these stupid cats die. D.I.E.

  2. Bri!! Yes, some people do go overboard with their pets. But over all my humble opinion if I may, is that animals, are not just animals. They are amazing. Growing up I had this little phrase that I would say often, something like, “I don’t understand why we call animals, animals. Some people I are more like animals, then animals themselves.” 🙂 Okay, so you’ll never have a dog, and that’s okay. But, both dogs and animals have the most beautiful ways in touching peoples lives. With a special sort of friendship that one can only understand after being friends with them for a very long time. Don’t you ever watch Animal Planet? :)) I may not call my two cats my kids, but they are certainly my little brothers. 😉 And if we can spend thousands of dollars on cars, cellphones, computers, and flat screen tv’s- then what is $3000 to spend on the chance of saving the life of someone you love?
    I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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